40" LED Light Bar Kit DAYSTAR - Jeep Renegade

Kód: DAYKJ81000BK
Výrobce: Daystar
Váha: 20
40" LED Light Bar Kit DAYSTAR - Jeep Renegade
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This product is just another fine example of the many accessories offered by Daystar.  LED light bar and mounting bracket system is specifically designed and engineered to fit all models of the 2015 – 2016 Jeep Renegade. This Daystar LED Light Bar System includes Daystar Products unique 40 inch KC LED light bar and Jeep Renegade Roof Mounting System. The Daystar Light Bar is 100% Bolt On and fits directly onto the factory roof rack rails. As with all Daystar Products, the Jeep Renegade 40" LED Light Bar are made in the USA!


  • black Powder Coat Finish
  • mounts to factory roof rack
  • no drilling required
  • combo beam spot & spread LED leflectors
  • comes complete with wiring harness



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