Suspension kit Air Ride Standard Bore FOX Lift 4" BDS - RAM 1500 19-on

Kód: BDS1641FS
Výrobce: BSD Suspension
Váha: 120
Suspension kit Air Ride Standard Bore FOX Lift 4" BDS - RAM 1500 19-on
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Why BDS? Because it is our mission in life to provide you with the best possible suspension experience ever!

All BDS Suspension lift kits come with the security of knowing you purchased the finest lift kit in the aftermarket suspension industry. We back our commitment to engineering reliable, quality 4x4 off-road Jeep and truck suspension products.



  • Increased ground clearance
  • Levels the front with the rear of the vehicle
  • Clears up to 35" tires
  • Gives an aggresive look


Lift kit consists of:

  • Front crossmember
  • Front brake lines
  • Front brake line brackets
  • Front differential skid plate
  • Break line drop brackets
  • Steering knuckle
  • Tie rod end
  • Differential bracket mounting
  • Driveshaft spacer
  • Sway bar drop brackets
  • Sway bar end link
  • Rear crossmember
  • Rear track bar bracket
  • Bump stop extensions
  • Upper control arms relocation brackets
  • Strut spacers
  • 2x FOX shocks



  • Cutting required
  • Does NOT fit diesel models
  • For models with STANDARD bore knuckle ONLY
  • Fits factory Air Ride equipped trucks only
  • The factory Air Ride is a closed loop system. Opening the system more times than recommended in the lift instructions will require the system to be recharged. This can be done at any Ram dealer service department. A scan tool is needed to access the air control module to perform the service
  • Frame bracket modification required
  • Stock 17" and 18" wheels cannot be re-installed, stock 20" wheels can only be re-installed with factory tire size
  • If truck is equipped with factory 22" wheels use the "large hub bore" steering knuckles lift BDS1642H (NX2 shocks) or BDS1642FS (FOX shocks), kits sold separately


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