BR5 Light Mount Bar Go Rhino - Toyota Hilux 16-18

Kód: GR26473T
Výrobce: Go Rhino
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BR5 Light Mount Bar Go Rhino - Toyota Hilux 16-18
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Since 1975, Go Rhino has remained a leader in the development, design and manufacturing of innovative, stylish and extremely useful aftermarket automotive accessories. For over 30 years, Go Rhino has taken pride in offering products that allow the trucks and SUV owner to enjoy the most from their vehicle.

The optional BR5 Light Mount Bar allows you to customize the look of the BR5 Bumper Replacement. The Light Mount Bar accessory allows you to mount an LED light bar in the position of your choosing. All accessories are made while maintaining the highest quality standards.



  • Made from steel
  • One piece design
  • Texture black
  • No drilling required
  • Light sold separately
  • Fits 20" LED Bar
  • High quality


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