Portable air compressor CKMTP12 12V ARB

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Portable air compressor CKMTP12 12V ARB
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Portable high-performance compressor CKMTP12 ARB in a carry case with a handle. Compressor has built-in cable for pumping wheels of length 6m. Powered directly from car battery. 
Overload protection in harness: yes
Overhead protection of compressor engine: yes
Dimensions (H x L x W): 186 x 478 x 355 [mm] 
Weight: 15 kg 

Power supply: 12 V

Power consumption:
- no load: 28.4 A
- under load: 50.4 A

- no load: 174.4 l / min.
- under load: (at 200kPa) 131.8 l / min.

Efficiency duty cycle: 100%


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